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Options for a Party or Event at Two Corks

Thank you for looking into having your event at Two Corks and a Bottle!  We love hosting events at our winery and find that all who attend have a great time!  

Types of Events we’ve hosted… and more!
  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Wedding Shower
  • Baby Shower*
  • Networking Group
  • Book Club
  • Business Meeting
  • Charity Fund Raisers

There is no cost for hosting an event at Two Corks and a Bottle during regular hours.  We benefit by having you and your guests purchase our wine during your event.

  • Wine Tasting
    • Wine Tastings can be held for 5 people up to 25-30 people. The cost is $10 per person for 5 tastes each; or, if you prefer, you may buy as many bottles as you like to taste from and then finish what’s left on your own.  You get about 25 tastes from a bottle.
  • Make Your Own Wine
    • This takes some planning but is a great event.  Check out the details here.
  • Space
    • Love Seat Area- we have an area with 2 love seats that’s very cozy!  It’s perfect for any type of gathering!
    • Table Area- We have 6-10 bar top small round tables that are perfect for 2-4 chairs.
    • During pleasant weather we also have an outdoor patio with seating for approximately 30.
  • Payment
    • We can create a master tab for everything,
    • Everyone can be on their own tab,
    • Or, a combination... whatever is most convenient for you!
  • Food:
    • You can have it catered by a caterer of your choice
    • You’re welcome to bring in your own food
    • You can order from a local restaurant for delivery (we have some menus)
    • We have Scardello’s Cheese Plates, Triscuits/Cream Cheese Baskets, Chocolates, and Cake Balls
  • Decorations:
    • You are welcome to bring in decorations
*We want you to have a great party.  First and foremost, we are a winery. We sell alcohol. We are an establishment for adults. We can be fun and casual but we are not a location meant for children.  We ask that you respect this.  IF you rent the winery as indicated below then you are welcome to have children here but they still cannot drink alcohol.

Make sure it’s on our calendar… call as soon as you know the date!

Renting the Winery for a Private Party
  • You can rent the winery during off-hours (Sunday and Tuesday after 7pm or anytime on Monday).
  • The cost is $100/hour with a 2 hour minimum
  • As always you're welcome to bring in food
  • We'd have enough servers to provide your wine service and as above can be on one tab or individual



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